August 8, 2017

My 11th Birthday and Staffing Issues


OMG so it's been like over a year since I've posted anything! But it's not my fault - my staff has been like totally absolutely terrible! I might have to put her on a performance improvement plan if she doesn't get it together. I can't not be blogging - I'm too fabulous, you know?!

Anyway, so I just turned 11! I'm doing really well. I'm starting to have a little bit of a hard time seeing, but it's not too bad. I still get the zoomies when I see Mommy come home, and I still like to have a good time. 

I hope you're doing well too! I will get on my staff member to do some catch up posts, so you can get caught up on all my adventures!


February 6, 2016

I'm a Ham!


You will never believe what Mommy did to me! She bought a ham from the store and thought it would be ever so hilarious to put it next to me and take a picture so she can tell all her friends that "Oh isn't Achae just the cutest lil' ham?!" I know right?! Yeah, I was not too happy about this whole situation. I mean come on - how embarrassing! Sheesh. 

Oh well. I know Mommy loves me though! I hope someone loves you like a ham too.


January 1, 2016



OMG nummy! Mommy let me have some popcorn when we were watching movies, and it was delicious! I LOVE popcorn! I actually helped myself to some popcorn while Mommy wasn't looking, but she didn't flinch when she caught me. Whew! I pretty much get away with anything I want - it's so nice! I totally live the life. 

Hope you get some popcorn!


December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015


Sorry this is like waaaaaay late in posting, but my staff member, Mommy, has been like totally slacking! She is always feeding, changing, or carrying around this new human baby. But whatever! 

Anyway...guess what movie I finally saw?! "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." It was pretty good. It was a Nana and Papa's house in Colorado, which was super fun!

Hope you got to see some good holiday movies too!


November 30, 2015

Backyard Action


Sorry I've been totally MIA. Mommy and Daddy had a human baby and life is really different now. It's like super boring! At least it is for me, Ajax, and Chase, anyway. The baby eats and sleeps and that is pretty much it, so we end up sleeping like all day and all night. Soooo boring. Oh well. Anyway, we had a little bit of snow, which was awesome! I love playing in the snow - it's totally my thing!

Hope you have snow to play in too!


October 22, 2015

Suckered Mommy!


Here's me being super cute with Mommy. She was being super boring and watching TV instead of playing with me, so I had to resort to desperate measures. And it worked! Mommy usually falls for pretty much anything (Daddy isn't as easy to sucker). I got a massage and tons of kisses, which was awesome!

Hope you get to sucker someone you love!


September 30, 2015

Road Trip & Starbucks

OMG - Mommy has totally been slacking! She's supposed to help me with my blog (because, well, she is my assistant, after all - duh!), and she hasn't been doing her job. I would fire her, but I love her. Oh well. Hopefully she'll get it together soon, otherwise I might have to check out other options.
Anyhoo, I got to go on a mini-road trip! And we got to stop at Starbucks on the way. Talk about super nummy! Unfortunately I had to share my cup with Ajax and Chase, but whatever. It was still good!
Hope you get to go on a road trip with a Starbucks stop too!