September 30, 2013

Pet Store!


Sorry I've been missing in action - I had a busy week! Great news though...Mommy took me to the pet store today and I got some new toys and new treats! Best part of it all - I got to ride in the car, which is my favorite! Super exciting!

Hope you get to go to the pet store with your head out of the car window too!


September 20, 2013



Super bored out of my mind. OMG - mommy said it would be a short trip, but I think she was bluffing! Hope you don't have to go through this. Like seriously man!

Hugs and smooches!


September 13, 2013



Super exciting! Mommy finally went to the pet store to stock up on my favorite chew bones! We were out for like forever, so I'm glad to have them again. Yay!

Hope your Friday is a happy one!


September 6, 2013

Lake fun!


Super fun time by the lake today! Ajax really enjoyed the weather, which was a little hot for me, but we still had a blast! Mommy and daddy even gave us water with ice!

Happy Friday!


September 2, 2013

Off to get treats!


So exciting! I went to Petco today! Mommy said we ran out of treats and that is like totally unacceptable, you know?! I met a nice human in the treat aisle who was super nice, so that was cool. I love humans who love pets!

Hope you had a fun and treat-filled weekend!