December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015


Sorry this is like waaaaaay late in posting, but my staff member, Mommy, has been like totally slacking! She is always feeding, changing, or carrying around this new human baby. But whatever! 

Anyway...guess what movie I finally saw?! "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." It was pretty good. It was a Nana and Papa's house in Colorado, which was super fun!

Hope you got to see some good holiday movies too!


November 30, 2015

Backyard Action


Sorry I've been totally MIA. Mommy and Daddy had a human baby and life is really different now. It's like super boring! At least it is for me, Ajax, and Chase, anyway. The baby eats and sleeps and that is pretty much it, so we end up sleeping like all day and all night. Soooo boring. Oh well. Anyway, we had a little bit of snow, which was awesome! I love playing in the snow - it's totally my thing!

Hope you have snow to play in too!


October 22, 2015

Suckered Mommy!


Here's me being super cute with Mommy. She was being super boring and watching TV instead of playing with me, so I had to resort to desperate measures. And it worked! Mommy usually falls for pretty much anything (Daddy isn't as easy to sucker). I got a massage and tons of kisses, which was awesome!

Hope you get to sucker someone you love!


September 30, 2015

Road Trip & Starbucks

OMG - Mommy has totally been slacking! She's supposed to help me with my blog (because, well, she is my assistant, after all - duh!), and she hasn't been doing her job. I would fire her, but I love her. Oh well. Hopefully she'll get it together soon, otherwise I might have to check out other options.
Anyhoo, I got to go on a mini-road trip! And we got to stop at Starbucks on the way. Talk about super nummy! Unfortunately I had to share my cup with Ajax and Chase, but whatever. It was still good!
Hope you get to go on a road trip with a Starbucks stop too!

August 28, 2015

My Gotcha Day 2015


OMG guess what?! Okay, so, today is my Gotcha Day! I adopted Mommy on this day in 2009. I was 3 at the time. I was rescued from a horrible puppy mill and lived in a super cool foster home (well, the 2 cats weren't super cool, but the other dog was all right). And then Mommy came along! I've lived the best life ever since then. 

Mommy went out of her way to make today special for me. She even took a few hours off from work to spend time with me - just me (no Ajax or Chase - woohoo!). She always says that we don't have forever so we should live it up, and that's what we did today! It was super fun! I feel really lucky and blessed to have the life that I do, cuz' I know so many pets don't. So I don't take anything for granted. 

Hope you have something in your life that you feel blessed about!


August 3, 2015

My Barkday!


Guess what?! It's my Barkday! I just turned 9 today. Today is my actual Barkday, and I also have a Gotcha Day that we celebrate, cuz' that is the most important day for me - that's when I found Mommy! Today was pretty cool. Mommy came home early today, so we got to hang out. And then when Daddy came home they took me - and not Ajax and Chase, but just me - to Dairy Queen! They said I got to go all by myself since it was my Barkday! It was SO awesome - I had them all to myself, and no annoying brothers to deal with. I got a Pup Cup, which was super nummy! It was a really good Barkday, and I'm really grateful for the life I have.
Hope you get to have a Pup Cup some day - they're super nummy!

July 23, 2015

Human baby - boo!


Okay, so like Mommy is having a human baby in 3 months, and it's like super annoying! I'm her #1 baby girl, and she tells me that all the time, but I'm worried that this human baby will be her #1 instead of me. Both Mommy and Daddy reassured me, Ajax, and Chase that they will still love us, so that's good. They just better not make me share my toys or stuffies!

Hope you get to be someone's #1!


June 23, 2015

Helping Daddy


So Daddy is really in to mountain bike racing. He goes to a lot of races. And he's totally fast! He had an event and so I helped him with putting the medals together! I really like spending quality time with Daddy. He and Mommy get so busy, it's hard sometimes, you know? I hope I get to spend more time with Daddy. He's the best Daddy and I totally love him! And I know he totally loves me and Ajax and Chase.

Hope you get to spend some quality time with someone you love!


May 31, 2015

He took my bed!


Okay, so check this out. First, Mommy makes me let my new brother, Chase, be a guest blogger the other day. And then he just helped himself to laying in my bed! It's MY blog and MY bed! Not his! Like hello! At least he didn't stay in my bed and went to his own, but I was still super annoyed. 
I didn't get mad, though. I know what it's like to not have a family to call your own and to be all by yourself. I was in a puppy mill for like 3 years until the nice people at Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota took me in. And then these super nice people, Carrie and Eric, took me into their home - I had great Foster Parents! All that until finding my real forever family. So that is why I am trying to be nice to Chase. He's pretty cool actually. He's really chill, which is totally my style. Unlike my other brother, Ajax, who is super wild. Oh well.

Hope your new brother doesn't take over your stuff. 


May 27, 2015

Guest Blogger - Chase

My name is Chase. Achae let me be a guest blogger today (well, actually, Mommy did. Achae didn't want me to, but Mommy told her to be nice). I am new here, so bear with me. I've never really done the whole 'blog' thing.
2 weeks ago today, my life changed. Let me start from the beginning. I was with the same family for my whole life, and then they couldn't care for me anymore, and so the nice people at the Italian Greyhound Rescue (IGCA Rescue of MN & ND), took me in. But they couldn't keep me forever, and so a really nice lady took me in. I lived with her and 2 other Iggies (Macy and Bitsy) for a while. A while started turning into a long time. I really liked it there, and my Foster Mom was great, but I didn't understand why my dream of a forever family wasn't coming true. I just didn't get it. I am nice, friendly, playful, loving, and I even bark when I need to go potty (and I never have accidents). I was starting to get sad. Maybe everyone thinks I am too old? But then it all changed...
A few weeks ago, these two people came to visit me at my Foster Mom's house. They seemed pretty friendly. And they smelled! They smelled like dogs! I like dogs, so I thought that was cool. It was a bit entertaining as they were both talking to me like I was a little baby. I'm 13! I know what's going on! But I didn't bark anything. They said some nice things about me, and my Foster Mom put in a good word for me. I was scared, but also excited about the possibility. Could they be my dream? Could they be my forever family?
And 2 weeks ago, it happened. My dream came true! My Foster Mom brought me over to my new forever home! I was really scared at first, since I didn't know exactly what was going on. I thought it was going to be another place I have to stay until my dream would come true. But this was it! And I was right about them smelling - they have another Italian Greyhound named Ajax (he is 4), and an American Eskimo rescue, Achae (she is 8).
I'm really happy here. I love my new forever parents! They seem to prefer being called Mommy and Daddy instead of Mom and Dad. They're a little strange like that, but it's okay. I have my own bed, my own blankies, and I pretty much get anything I want. It's like 24/7 room service. It's awesome! I even have a yard to play in and a fireplace to chill by. Ajax and Achae are pretty cool too. Ajax is a bit of a rambunctious youngling, but we get along great. Achae looks at us weird sometimes - she said to me that Iggies are wild and out of control. Anyway, I'm so glad my dream came true - I have a forever family who loves me and I am so happy! My hope is that all Seniors can find a loving forever family to spend the rest of their days with.
Thank you to Achae for letting me be a guest blogger today. You can have your blog back now. I know you have a lot to say.
Cheers, mate!

April 22, 2015



Okay, like seriously. So, Mommy and I were walking down the hallway to go outside. When we got to the elevator, it was already open! I was like 'whatever,' but Mommy was totally scared. She said something about that being super creepy and that some evil spirit from some movie she watched was waiting for us or someone to step into the elevator and devour them. I know, right?! She's seriously got some issues. I don't know why she watches these scary movies with Daddy. Oh well.

Hope you took the stairs too - it's a good work out!


March 27, 2015

Spring Snow


Super fun - it snowed this week! Yay! I absolutely loved it cuz' I love playing in the snow. It's my favorite thing to do! Too bad it's Spring and it's getting warm more snow! Mommy and her friends really like it, but Daddy and I miss it already - we are snow bunnies!

Hope you get to do something you love!


February 28, 2015

Kwip Trip


We are going on a mini road trip! Yay! Mommy said it's not to Colorado so it won't take like forever like last time, so that's good. But me and Ajax weren't too happy when Mommy and Daddy went into Kwip Trip to get snacks without us! What the hey?!

Hope you get to go on mini road trips too!


February 1, 2015

Puppy Bowl 2015


What are you up to today? Ajax and I are getting ready to watch Puppy Bowl. Mommy though it would be so cute to put this bandana on us and take a picture. I didn't really like it, but Ajax sure did. But I do like watching Puppy Bowl cuz' I get to spend time with Mommy and Daddy.

Hope you get to watch Puppy Bowl too!


January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!


Happy New Year! Here's me in Nana and Papa's most awesome fenced in back yard. It's my favorite place because I get to run around anywhere I want, and Mommy doesn't freak out (well, she doesn't freak out as much) about me getting hurt or eaten by a coyote or some other CSI scenario (yeah, she watches way too much TV). It was really cool that it snowed too, since I LOVE snow!

2014 was a fun year, especially cuz' I got a real and forever Daddy, and that's pretty awesome. He loves me and I love him. He takes great care of Mommy and me (and Ajax too). Hope you have a great 2015! Cheers to good health, treats, massages, and a warm and safe place to eat, sleep, and play!