October 18, 2014

Wedding Petzillas


Okay, so, like, today is the 2 week anniversary of when Mommy and Daddy got married. Yeah, I know, super awesome and stuff, but it's super lame! They were all excited about having me and Ajax (even though I know he's totally annoying) in the wedding, but then nothing! They were even talking about including our Colorado cousins, Dakin, Arwen, Heidi, Molly, Bandit, Gus, Smokey, and our Minnesota cousins, Keela and Zaylie in the wedding, and they totally blew us off! We are even on their wedding page! Like hello!

Daddy said something to me and Ajax and Nana about how "dogs aren't allowed at the country club unfortunately," and I didn't bark out loud, but on the inside, I was totally like "OMG WTHeck ever, you bring us everywhere and we're not invited to your wedding?!"

Sorry. I had to rant. It was like super upsetting not to be with Mommy on her special day. I follow her everywhere - even to the bathroom. But that's okay. Nana and Papa took extra special care of me and Ajax and I feel totally loved, so that's cool! I appreciate that!

Hope you get invited to a wedding you really want to go to, and if you don't, hope you get super spoiled by your Nana and Papa!



  1. Dogs not allowed in da country club? What da woof???

  2. Hi! I’m wondering where you be living cos I know certain people have the custom of henna tats on the hands and feet when they get married. Someone in TW’s office even did it.

  3. Hi! Our wedding was in Colorado and we did a Hindu-Lutheran ceremony, so hence the henna! So much fun!